Five Preventive Care Tips after Getting Dental Implants

Five Preventive Care Tips after Getting Dental Implants

Feb 01, 2021

Are you missing a tooth or teeth? You will need dental implants placed by undergoing teeth surgery. You can begin researching for dental implants near me, confident you can find dentists providing implant placement surgery close to you. Before you proceed further, it helps to prepare a list of questions on what you want to know about dental implants and how to care for them after having them inserted to replace your missing teeth.

Missing teeth adversely impact your remaining teeth with the gap it leaves behind. Your remaining teeth find it comfortable to move into the blank space created by the missing tooth bringing upon you an entire set of problems that you never expected. The earlier you visit Easley family dentistry for more information about dental implants and the process for having them, the better it will be for your mouth to remain in optimal condition. Do not forget to take the list you prepared to the dental clinic to inquire about any or all questions in your mind to understand the dental implant and the after-care process thoroughly before undergoing implant placement.

When you consider getting dental implants for a tooth makeover, it is essential for you to understand how to care for the placement correctly. Implants last for around 15 years with proper dental hygiene and lifestyle habits. This article provides five essential preventive care tips you must follow after getting dental implants. Continue reading to learn more about them below:

Brush Your Teeth Thoroughly Twice Daily

After investing in dental implants, you must not hesitate to invest in tools that help clean your teeth better than regular toothbrushes. Special toothbrushes are available for use by people with dental implants. These tools can reach areas that regular toothbrushes cannot and are highly recommended. Brushing twice daily for 2 to 3 minutes each is ideal for removing plaque buildup, which continuously develops on the teeth.

Flossing At Least Once a Day Is Essential

Flossing every day is a habit you must develop if you wish to maintain optimal dental health. Flossing after every meal is even better as food particles get trapped between your teeth whenever you eat. Purchase high-quality dental floss to remove the trapped food particles. Leave the food particles between your teeth, and the bacteria leading to cavities begin to enjoy themselves—exercise caution when flossing to avoid tooth or gum damage.

Avoid Sticky and Hard Foods

You may favor sticky and hard foods, especially hard candy, caramel, dried fruits, and peanuts. It helps to think about the crowns on the implants, and the potential damage hard foods cause to the fake teeth. When you decide to enjoy hot and sticky foods, you are compromising the structure of the dental implant and weakening it in the process. After going through a lengthy process to replace your missing teeth at considerable expenditure, would you like to undermine the implant and seek replacements before the end of their life span?

Smoking and Alcohol Are Detrimental for Dental Implants

After implant placement, the healing process gets delayed if you continue smoking, weakening the bone structure, a substantial part of good oral health. Having an occasional drink is fine but indulging in the habit excessively leads to tooth sensitivity to cause oral pain.

Regular Appointments with the Family Dentist in St. Easley, SC

Scheduling regular appointments with Dr. Matthew Blackwell is an optimal way to ensure the dental implants in your mouth function correctly and do the job they are assigned. You can continue asking the doctor any questions you have in your mind about the placements to ensure you are in full control of dental implant after-care.

Following the preventive steps mentioned in this article to care for your implants is essential to make sure your implants last for their lifespan. It is not without reason that implants are considered a permanent fixture. It is why you must care for them just like your natural teeth. You can schedule appointments with your Cigna dentist any time you have any apprehensions in your mind about dental implant after-care. Please ensure you take full advantage of the best teeth replacement solution from dental implants in your mouth by caring for them appropriately.