The Vital Role of Preventive Dentistry for Your Oral Health

The Vital Role of Preventive Dentistry for Your Oral Health

Nov 01, 2020

Home-based preventive dental care is vital in reducing the risk of having dental issues. Here’s a look at the role of preventive dentistry for your oral tissues.

Poor oral hygiene can lead to adverse implications on your overall health, and it’s useful to observe recommended oral health practices. You can minimize the risks by ensuring the health of your gums and teeth is top-priority. Improper oral hygiene leaves your gums vulnerable to severe infections, and if untreated can lead to life-threatening health complications. It’s essential to undergo regular dental visits to ensure your oral tissues are in proper condition.

Preventive dentistry ensures your tissues are healthy by utilizing home-based therapies and professional treatment procedures. At Easley Family Dentistry, we enlighten you on the benefits of early dental visits and recommend you to undergo routine appointments to ensure you keep a healthy and bright smile.

What Does Preventive Dentistry Entail?

Preventive dentistry refers to vital measures taken in keeping your oral tissues healthy. It ensures that your teeth are prevented from loss and decay. Your gums are preserved from diseases and dental emergencies. During your preventive dental care appointments, your Cigna dentist will:

  • Perform a dental exam on your oral tissues to detect underlying signs of oral cancer, decay, joint dysfunction, and gum diseases. If you have underlying issues, your dental practitioner will develop a treatment plan.
  • Clean your oral tissues to remove plaque and tartar through scaling. Plaque removal prevents the development of periodontal infections and severe oral issues.
  • Orient you on the ideal oral hygiene practices to preserve your oral tissues from severe cavities and bacterial infections.

The dentist near you will ensure your dental fillings and other dental work appliances are in good condition and recommend you to undergo routine dental visits. Preventive dentistry keeps you from undergoing extensive dental procedures that are painful and uncomfortable in the future. It will be ideal if you teach your child the basic oral hygiene practices at a tender age.

Commonly Known Preventive Dental Procedures

The following procedures are performed during your visit the preventive dentistry near you:

Dental Check-ups

There are multiple benefits of early dental visits to your oral health. Routine appointments with your Cigna dentist ensure you undergo assessment and find the ideal treatment. Severe issues are detected and treated at early stages. It will help if you schedule regular appointments with your Cigna dentist to avoid extensive procedures. Check-ups are painless dental examinations that ensure your oral tissues are healthy

Dental X-Rays

Dental x-rays enable your specialist to identify signs of cavities and gum disease that have no visible manifestation. Digital imaging is safe and reveals the condition of your gum line and oral tissues to determine whether they are healthy. Tumours, infections, abscess and chips are easily identified through advance imaging techniques. Your specialist will evaluate whether X-ray is ideal for your underlying dental issues.

Teeth Cleaning

Professional dental cleaning is vital in plaque and stains removal. The appointment allows your specialist to identify underlying issues that can lead to gum disease or decay. Scaling is done to remove the plaque build-up, and the procedure is non-invasive. You need to undergo regular cleaning, to preserve good oral hygiene.

Placement of Fissure Sealants

Your premolars and molars have large grooves that are vulnerable to severe cavities and decay. Plaque and deposition of food particles can lead to decay. Sticky and sugary foods remain on your teeth grooves and lead to thriving of bacteria that causes infections. Dental sealants keep your child’s teeth cavity-free. You can have fissure sealants to prevent further damage due to dental decay.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment protects your teeth from decay by strengthening your enamel. The procedure reverses the action of cavities by repairing your teeth using phosphorus and calcium minerals at the early stages of tooth decay. Dr Matthew Blackwell recommends you to ensure your child undergoes fluoride treatment to avoid the development of cavities.

Oral Screening

Early detection of gum diseases facilitates treatment to ensure the infection doesn’t spread. Periodontal diseases can lead to severe pain, swelling and bleeding. You may have receding gums, bad breath and bone loss if your condition is untreated. Oral cancer screening is vital in detecting signs of cancer-causing cells on your tissues, and early treatment aids in managing the ailment.

Multiple severe dental issues are undetected, and it’s vital to visit your Cigna dentist for dental exams. With the underlying symptoms, a thorough assessment can be done to detect and diagnose your condition. our Delta Dental dentist in Easley recommends you to undergo preventive dental measures to ensure good oral hygiene, and lessen the risks of having cavities and gum diseases. Please consult the dentist near you and seek preventive dental care for your oral tissues today.