Dental Implants in Easley, SC

Has your Cigna dentist recommended dental implants for missing teeth? If so, you may want to update yourself on the types of dental implants and what to expect from the procedure.

To some patients, the thought of surgically replacing lost teeth can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. our Delta Dental dentist in Easley, SC offers safe, effective dental implants with zero to minimal discomfort involved.

Types of Dental Implants Near You

Believe it or not, more than 35 million people are missing some of their upper and/or lower teeth. Getting a dental implant is much easier than you probably thought.

There are three ways you can get an implant:

Single-Tooth Implant: You can get a dental implant to replace a single tooth that you may have lost due to periodontal disease or an accident. This should take minimal time as there is only one tooth involved.

Multiple Implants: Patients may require implants for multiple teeth, and this is an ideal option if you have healthy gums and adequate surrounding bone. The dentist may recommend implants for the full dental arch in certain cases.

Full Mouth Dental Implant: Easley Family Dentistry in Easley, SC offers full dental implants to patients who require their upper and/or lower set of teeth to be replaced. Modern dentistry techniques involve inserting only four screws to support a full upper or lower set of teeth.

Once the implant is surgically inserted, our Delta Dental dentist will attach a realistic-looking, highly functional crown. Eventually, after minor surgery, the implant becomes a part of your jawbone and serves as a strong, lasting foundation for artificial teeth.

What to Expect from a Dental Implant Procedure

The time taken for a dental implant procedure depends on the number and location of the tooth, our dental health, and the possible requirement for any tooth extractions before the procedure.

The process may take anywhere from three to nine months or more if there is bone grafting involved. Easley Family Dentistry in Easley, SC takes utmost care to keep patients relaxed by administering effective sedation in the form of a pill, IV, or injection.

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